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The result of our test

Mr. Sanitrar can compare it with Microgate, for him Benefit was the output of the results to the individual mobile phones.

Mr. Mazgut compared it with the Brower system and for him the clear Benefit was the reliable recording of the runs

Jan: And great is that of all the results we see in order. Or in different groups. And what I like most is that you can write a note at any time. So, for example, when I test skis or try some other things, I can write it there.

David: Timing was, in my opinion, quite good, the application to it was clear that I could compare according to the times when I wanted and nicely clear

Kubo:  We worked with the timing for a very short time, but I think we all liked this system, whether we were skiers or coaches. Everything went as it should, at the start you know what and we saw the results on the phone when we got to the finish line, great for me

Nataniel: Well-thought-out technique, every time you come to the start, just send me a chip and you can start. When I get to the finish line, you can always see the result directly on the mobile, better compare the team with the rides and I know what I did wrong on that ride and what still needs to be improved.

Marttin: Well, since it was the first time with that timing, the first rides were test. Then it started, everything worked. I like logging and using over the internet and mobile, it’s handy. The results are immediately observable and evaluated. I think it’s better because when I made some improvements in driving, it immediately turned out in my time. So just faster and faster. 

Adam: The Lympik timer is great and it works great. What fascinated me most about it was the system of how we can instantly compare it with the boys via the web application, either with ourselves or with our opponents, and especially the timekeeper is quite easy to use, which is a big plus in winter. The only thing I would point out is that the application is only in the browser and not as a standalone application in the mobile-PC that is downloadable, it would be much more useful and better in many respects.