SKI&FIT: Optimal training for skiers



To make the feeling of skiing on a interactive simulator as close as possible to downhill skiing, multiple sensors to track your movement every second. Ski simulator knows exactly where you are, how fast you are making the arch, and also knows how much you are edging.


Overload simulation

A pair of powerful electric motors, hidden inside the ski simulator, the sensors produce the same forces as those felt in skiing.


Possibility of measurement

Ski simulator is able to measure tilt and edging range due to various sensors. It also counts the number of calories burned.


Visual experience

The possibility of visual training in skiing disciplines is one of the biggest benefits of the top line of SkyTechSport interactive simulator. The opportunity to go through the slopes and actually cut corners is on the one side funny and on the other side very quality training.



Ski simulator is primarily intended for teaching driving on the edges, carving. You will learn the correct basic position on skis, the correct position center of gravity of the body in an arch, relaxed posture and especially correct movement in the hip area.


Different conditions

Thanks to the great variability of ski simulators, you can immediately change the conditions of skiing. You can choose from an ice slope, soft or heavy snow. You can also simulate whether you are skiing on a pedestrian, small or large drums.

Ski SimulAtor – SkyTechSport
Ski SimulAtor

Ski-simulator significantly expands the training possibilities of performance skiing. The experiences and results of the US Ski Team, which use the device for the longest time (for over 8 years), best document its benefits. Coaches and representatives appreciate the machine mainly for training in the period when they cannot train in the snow. During training on the simulator, the athletes can prepare the body to muscle strain in the snow. Practice independent movement of the lower and upper body, centrifugal forces, edges, movements in the ankles, knees and hips. Ideally, always before they come in contact with the snow. It is an excellent replica of training opportunities in the snow. It is one of the best and the most realistic possibilities to approach riding in the snow for athletes. Our PRÉMIUM  PLUS training program is designed for ski clubs and those interested in performance skiing.

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